Quick, easy and delicious ideas of how to use our range of chilli jams. We have Fireflame Chilli Jam (mild), Jalapeño Jam (hot) and Lemon Drop Chilli Jam (super hot). Scroll down to find your favourite.

Fireflame Chilli Jam

Ploughman’s with Fireflame Chilli
Serve Fireflame Chilli Jam with thick granary bread, ham and cheese.

Pizza with Fireflame Chilli Jam
Dunk your favourite pizza into Fireflame Chilli Jam.

Fireflame Chilli Cheese Sandwich
Smother Fireflame Chilli Jam over thick slices of cheese in a sandwich.
Spring rolls
Spring Rolls with Fireflame Chilli
Serve Fireflame Chilli Jam alongside spring rolls - perfect for dipping.
Fireflame Chilli Jam Salad Dressing
Mix Fireflame Chilli Jam with oil & vinegar. Drizzle over salad leaves.
Mozarella Sticks
Mozzarella Sticks
Dip mozzarella sticks into Fireflame Chilli Jam for a great snack.

Jalapeño Jam

Loaded Nachos with Jalapeño Jam
Top nachos with cheese, melt under the grill, and then drizzle over Jalapeño Jam.

Jalapeño Sausage Sandwich
Smother Jalapeño Jam over sausages in sourdough bread for the ultimate sandwich.

Halloumi Kebabs with Jalapeño Jam
Cut halloumi, onion & tomato. Thread onto skewers, and grill. Dip into Jalapeño Jam.

Lemon Drop Chilli Jam

Lemon Drop Chilli Quiche
Spice up your quiche with a dollop of Lemon Drop Chilli Jam.

Fishcakes with Lemon Drop Chilli
Serve Lemon Drop Chilli Jam alongside fishcakes.

Lemon Drop Chilli Houmous
Spice up houmous by topping it with Lemon Drop Chilli Jam.