Alphonso Mango Preserve- FAQ's

Alphonso Mango Preserve- FAQ's

We've been asked lots of questions about this preserve, so I thought I'd answer some of the most popular questions below. If you do have another question please don't hesitate to drop up an email.

Q/ When is pre-order open?

Pre-order will be open from Friday 12th April until midnight Thursday 18th April.  You can pre-order Alphonso Mango 225g and Alphonso Mango 1.13kg during this time.  We'll then be making your jam to order and will ship when it is ready.

Q/ When will my order be shipped?

We will ship orders when the jam is ready, and in the order that they have been received (so if you want to get your jam the quickest then order early on Friday).  We expect to start shipping orders the last week of April.  Depending on how many orders we get the last ones might be shipped the second week in May. 

Q/ How will I know when my order is on the way?

You will receive an email from our shipping partner (either DHL or Royal Mail depending on the parcel size) with tracking information once it has been packed and is ready to leave the jam factory.

Q/ What makes the Alphonso Mango so special?

Excellent question!  The Alphonso Mango is rightfully known as the "King of Mangoes". Grown in India, they are only available for a short 6 week season each year.

They are beautifully sweet and aromatic, velvety smooth, with the fullest flavour of all the mango varieties.  Vibrant orange in colour and much juicier too. Imagine a cross between a peach, nectarine, apricot and melon with notes of honey and citrus, but even better!

Q/ Can I order other products at the same time?

Yes, absolutely.  But please be aware that all products will be shipped together when the mango preserve is ready. If you need your other items earlier then please place two separate orders.

Q/ Will you sell out?

No (barring any huge disasters!). We promise to make all the jars that are ordered, and hopefully more.  We've got a bigger team this year so we're able to prep much more mango than ever before. If we are able to make more than the pre-ordered stock we will release it in May, once all pre-orders have been shipped.

Q/ What is the shelf life?

The jam has a best before date of 2 years from production, and as we will be making to order you'll receive your delivery with the full shelf life.

Q/ Can you ship my order on a requested date?

We are really sorry but we are unable to send orders on a requested date.  We are expecting to receive hundreds of orders, and as we are a small team it isn't possible to manage individual order shipping requests.

Q/ Will I be able to order more?

You can order as much as you'd like during the pre-order week.  We are hopeful that we'll be able to make enough jam to release it for general sale in May, but we won't know this for sure until pre-order has finished.


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