Sweet & Sour Pineapple Pork Mince with Coconut Rice

Sweet & Sour Pineapple Pork Mince with Coconut Rice

We've used our Golden Pineapple Preserve in this super simple Sweet & Sour Pork Mince recipe.  It's already a firm favourite in our house!  If you don't eat meat the sauce can be made on it's own to use with any stir fry.





150g Golden Pineapple Preserve

30g tamarind paste

1 tsp chilli sauce, we use sriracha

40g tomato ketchup

1 tsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp sesame oil

500g pork mince

Pinch of salt

1 yellow pepper, diced

1 red pepper, diced



250g jasmine rice

1 x 400ml can coconut milk

Pinch of salt 



Spring onions, thinly sliced



  1. First, make the sweet and sour sauce. Place the pineapple preserve, tamarind paste, chilli sauce, ketchup and soy in a bowl and whisk to combine.
  2. Heat the oil in a large frying pan or wok over a medium to high heat. Crumble the mince meat into the pan and fry for 4 - 5 minutes until the meat has browned. Season with a pinch of salt.
  3. Turn down the heat to medium and add the diced pepper. Fry for a further 2 - 3 minutes until the pepper starts to soften. Pour in the sweet and sour sauce and turn down the heat to low. Allow to gently simmer whilst you make the rice (turn off the heat before the sauce completely evaporates).
  4. To make the rice, pour into a sieve and rinse under cold water. Put the rice into a heavy-bottomed pan and pour over the coconut milk. Fill the empty can with water and add to the pan along with a pinch of salt.
  5. Cook the rice over a medium heat, stirring regularly to ensure the rice does not stick. Cook for 12 - 15 minutes until the rice is tender and all the liquid has been absorbed. Take the pan off the heat and using a fork, fluff up the rice.


If you want to make the sauce separately take a look at the recipe here.

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