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Blood Orange Marmalade

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    We use the very best Blood Oranges, cut to a thin shred. Unlike a traditional marmalade which has a bitter flavour, this marmalade has a fresh sweet tangy orange flavour. Each jar contains 225g.


    Blood Oranges, sugar, water, lemon juice, natural pectin. Prepared with 44g fruit per 100g, total sugars 54g per 100g.

    Storage & Shelf Life

    Our jams are made with a two year shelf life. Once opened keep refrigerated and enjoy within 4 weeks.

    How To Enjoy

    Perfect served with French toast or crepes.

    Nutritional Value

    Typical values per 100g

    Energy - 195kcal/828kJ Fat - <0.0g (of which saturates) - <0.0g Carbohydrates - 47.9g (of which sugars) - 47.0g Protein - 0.4g Salt - 0.0g

    Delivery Promise

    We have designed a very clever delivery box to ensure your delivery gets to you in one piece. Currently over 98% of deliveries do. We promise to replace any broken items should you be one of the few unlucky ones - find out more here

    Blood Orange Marmalade - Single Variety Co
    Blood Orange Marmalade - Single Variety Co
    Blood Orange Marmalade

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 127 reviews
    Julie Leggett
    blood orange marmalade

    too sweet and very runny. Could not taste orange due to sweetness. I like a slight tartness to orange marmalade which I did not get. Having said that I am sure our taste buds are all different

    Mild flavour, liquid texture

    I was surprised that this preserve is so very liquid. I did query whether this was as it should be and was assured that it’s due to the natural differences in pectin in the blood oranges vs normal oranges and in how much it’s cooked to preserve the flavour.

    In my personal opinion it’s too runny to use as a marmalade and the flavour is quite mild. I probably wouldn’t re-buy this one but that’s just due to personal preference for a firmer set.


    It was so lovely a more runny texture than normal marmalades but the taste is so so nice

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