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Party Food with Chilli Jam

With party season well and truly in full swing, our range of chilli jams are the perfect accompaniment to any festive spread. Here are our top 5 ideas to spice up you party this year.

Mozzarella Sticks with Fireflame Chilli Jam

With a sweet chilli flavour with a mild kick, the Fireflame Chilli Jam is perfect for dipping your mozzarella sticks in to.



Spring Rolls with Fireflame Chilli Jam

Another great pairing for our Fireflame Chilli Jam is with spring rolls. Simply dip your spring roll into this deliciously mild, sweet chilli jam.



Sausage Roll with Jalapeño Jam

Jalapeño Jam is always a hit when eaten with sausages, and sausage rolls are no exception. Either have on the side for dipping in to, or if you’re making your own sausage rolls, spread over the sausage meat before rolling and baking.



Lemon Drop Chilli Houmous

There are so many flavours of houmous out there in the supermarkets these days. We like a classic houmous spiced up with our Lemon Drop Chilli Jam. Either top onto houmous or mix in for a super spicy dip.



Crisps & Chilli Dips

Stir chilli jam through your favourite dips and serve with crisps. We love to have nachos and serve Fireflame Chilli Jam in guacamole, Jalapeño Jam in salsa, and Lemon Drop Chilli Jam in sour cream.



Enjoy the party season!

Much jam love,

Kate x


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