Giant Jalapeño Jam- 1.125Kg!


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Giant Jalapeño Jam- 1.125Kg!
Giant Jalapeño Jam- 1.125Kg!

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The size you've all been waiting for- our famous Jalapeño Jam in a GIANT jar!

This jar contains over 1kg of Jalapeño Jam (a whopping 1.125kg to be precise, that's 5x the size of our regular jars).  It's the perfect present for any chilli lover.  

We combine jalapeños with apple cider vinegar to create this spicy, sweet delight. Our Jalapeño Jam is hot, but not too hot!  Excellent in a burger or perfect with a cheeseboard.   

Great Taste Award Winner 2017.

Ingredients: sugar, jalapeño chillies, cider vinegar, natural pectin. 

Prepared with 27g chillies per 100g, total sugars 54g per 100g

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



Giant Jalapeño Jam- 1.125Kg!
Giant Jalapeño Jam- 1.125Kg!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Baker

There was a problem when my jam arrived but the problem was handled spectacularly well by the lovely Katrina. It’s my favourite jam by a country mile and this quantity should probably last a few months but it’ll be gone in a few weeks. Absolutely love it.

Andrew Tremlett
You’ll want the big jar!

We love this jam. Got it as a gift first and have now bought the large jar!

Zara Miranda
Jam Fiend

If there were Jalepeno Jam Anonymous meetings they would be filled with my friends because this jam is next level addictive.
Like a real drug dealer, I bought in bulk (the big jar) and gave my friends a free taster, they are now tottaly hooked as well. Once you’ve tried it, there is no going back. Trust me, This is the ultimate condiment 🙌🏻

My favourite "condiment"

I've bought this product before and I love the new economy size jar which can eventually be re-used/ recycled for storing other items

Michael Cotton

I've been buying their products from various delis, the small jars, and thought I'd go large with a big one. The website is easy to use and the service is so fast.
Also lets not forget the products, the Jalapeño Jam is a serious out of body experience.