Looking for a fancy centrepiece dessert? Then look no further than our Mangomisu!  Similiar to a Tiramisu, but made with layers of coconut liquor dipped sponge fingers, cream and our luxurious Alphonso Mango Preserve.  It looks super fancy but is actually really easy to make, it just requires a bit of patience to carefully layer the ingredients.  Our Alphonso Mango Preserve is only available during the Indian mango season in April & May, so during the rest of the year try using another one of our preserves to create this dessert- we'd recommend our Maravilla Raspberry Preserve or Passionfruit Preserve.


600ml double cream 
500g mascarpone 
1 tsp vanilla bean paste 
2 egg yolks 
50g icing sugar 
150ml coconut rum liqueur, we used Malibu 
1 small orange 
3 packs sponge fingers, approximate 45 fingers 
1 punnet fresh raspberries 
Mint leaves 
20cm deep spring-form or loose-bottom cake tin
  1. Whisk the double cream in a large bowl to soft peaks. Add the mascarpone, vanilla, egg yolks and icing sugar and whisk all together until a light but stiff cream consistency is achieved.
  2. Lightly grease and line the cake tin (base and sides) with parchment paper ensuring the paper is 3cm proud of the top of the tin. Pour 50ml coconut rum into a shallow bowl and squeeze in a little orange juice.
  3. Take your first pack of sponge fingers and one by one, briefly dip each finger in the rum and orange juice mixture before placing in the base of the lined cake tin (approximately 15 fingers). Tightly pack the fingers to completely cover the base, breaking the fingers and filling the holes where needed. The better the tin is lined with the fingers, the more stable your mangomisu will be.
  4. Spoon over 1/3 of the cream mixture and smooth using a spatula or palette knife. Spoon over half a jar of Alphonso Mango Preserve and equally spread over the cream using the back of the spoon. 
  5. Pour out another 50ml rum into the shallow bowl and another squeeze of orange juice. Repeat the process with the second packet of sponge fingers dipping briefly and layering on top of the mango preserve. Add the second 1/3 of cream mixture, then spread over the remaining half of mango preserve smoothing each layer as you go. 
  6. Finally pour out the final 50ml rum and add a last squeeze of orange into the shallow bowl. Once again, dip and layer in the sponge fingers filling all the holes with broken fingers before using the remaining cream mixture and carefully smooth the top - make it pretty as this will be the top of your mangomisu!
  7. Place the mangomisu in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours but ideally overnight. When your mangomisu is fully set, carefully transfer onto a serving plate or cake stand and gently remove the cake tin collar and paper parchment. 
  8. Finish by tumbling a punnet of fresh raspberries on the top of the mangomisu and spooning over our Maravilla Raspberry Preserve. Finish with some mint leaves and serve.  
  • Be sure to only pour out enough rum needed for each sponge finger layer (50ml). This helps to ensure your sponge fingers don’t get over saturated when dipping.
  • Only briefly dip your sponge fingers into the rum ensuring they don’t get too soggy - these biscuits are very porous and soak up the liquid quicker than you expect!
  • When it comes to decorating your mangomisu, if your raspberry preserve is quite set, mix with a small splash of boiling water to loosen just enough to be able to drizzle over the top of the fresh raspberries.


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