Limited Edition Chocolate Habanero Chilli Jam- SUPER HOT


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Not for the faint hearted!  An even hotter and longer lasting heat than it's Orange Habanero sister. A must for all chilli fans.

Perfect for the colder winter months, less citrusy than the orange habanero, but more homely and heart-warming.

Made with British chocolate habanero chillies (it's the chilli name- there's no chocolate in this jam!)


Keeps for at least 1 year unopened. Once open refrigerate and enjoy!

Ingredients: sugar, British chocolate habanero chillies, cider vinegar, natural pectin.

Prepared with 25g chillies per 100g, total sugars 54g per 100g

Customer Reviews

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ellie walton
Good jam!

Bought for a friend who very much likes all things heat, spice and warmth—she absolutely loves it. You definitely don’t need much as it is indeed super hot, but has a lovely flavour to it too & the heat isn’t overbearing!

Barbara Sutton
Packs a punch

Really hot, but mellows to a warm glow.i love it but use sparingly

Philip McCarty
Very impressed indeed!

As a lover of spice (and chillies in particular) but not to the lunatic fringe, this came as a very pleasant surprise. Depth - and length - of flavour, as well as heat. You don't need much for the effect (I tried it first spread on a small piece of bread) but add to soup, or rice dishes and it comes into its own.

Paul Beck
My new favourite

Wow this jam is seriously hot and has taken over from the lemon drop chili jam as my favourite. As this jam packs such a punch you don't need to add much to taste it which means a little goes a long way. I can't wait until they start making big jars of this one

Hot but lush!

You only need a little of this stuff but as it’s so packed with taste, a little does the job!