Limited Edition Orange Habanero Chilli Jam- SUPER HOT


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Limited Edition Orange Habanero Chilli Jam- SUPER HOT
Limited Edition Orange Habanero Chilli Jam- SUPER HOT

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Ridiculously deliciously hot. A limited edition flavour- the Orange Habanero chillies are hot with a citrus flavour. Even hotter than the Lemon Drop Chilli, if you're a hot chilli fan you'll love this!


Keeps for at least 1 year unopened. Once open refrigerate and enjoy!

Ingredients: sugar, orange habanero chillies, cider vinegar, natural pectin.

Prepared with 27g chillies per 100g, total sugars 54g per 100g

Limited Edition Orange Habanero Chilli Jam- SUPER HOT
Limited Edition Orange Habanero Chilli Jam- SUPER HOT

Customer Reviews

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Finally a chilli jam with teeth.

So yummy with quality ham or mature cheddar. Great with cheese in toast or a hot type of
'croque monsieur'. Delicious.

Paul Beck

Coming from someone who was never a big fan of spicy stuff this jam is absolutely tremendous and livens anything up that you add it to and believe me, I add it to lots of things. It's quite a hot jam which should please all chilli lovers and it takes whatever you put it on to another level. Try it, you won't be disappointed

Gordon Rampling
Orange Habanero....Absolutely divine

SingleVariety Jams and Conserves turned up in one of my social media feeds. Thought I'd try the Orange Habanero and it duly arrived quickly and well packaged. The jam is a lovely blend of flavour, sweet and hot. It's equally at home in a cheese toasty or as a glaze to a cooked meat. Will definitely be buying more!

Chris Bowman
Some like it hot

Love this, great taste and hot, super hot - not like those super market 'hot' products you get.

Will definitely be trying the lemon drop and jalapeno jam next. Looking forward to seeing this brand grown and bring new exciting flavours to dance on my tongue.

Fantastic with unexpected comedy

My GF's son was skeptical abouot the "super hot" bit, so he had a full teaspoon.... funniest thing I've seen in ages.

That aside, this is fantastic.. you not only get the heat, but the fruity flavour of the chilli is still very much there!

As an experiment, I mixed some with honey and used to glaze some top-quality sausages in the oven.... give it a go!!

Amazing produce as always... love these guys!