Breakfast Jam Ideas

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. When you mention breakfast and jam together, most people just think of jam on toast. Well, here at Single Variety Co we’ve been thinking about our top 5 ideas of how to kick start your day with delicious ways to use jam at breakfast.


1.    Porridge

Dollop your favourite jam on top of porridge. We find our Ben Starav Blackcurrant Preserve works really well here.


2.    Yoghurt and Granola

Add jam to your yoghurt and granola to give it a fruity twist. Our favourite combination is Husk & Honey granola, with thick Greek yoghurt and a generous helping of our Flair Strawberry Preserve.

jalapeno sausage sandwich

3.    Sausage Sandwich

This is the ultimate weekend treat breakfast. Smother jalapeno jam over sausages in thick slices of sourdough bread. 

salmon avocado on toast

4.    Smoked Salmon and Avocado on Toast

Keeping on the sourdough theme, top some toasted sourdough bread with smashed avocado, slices of smoked salmon and finish off with our super fiery Lemon Drop Chilli Jam. This breakfast will definitely wake your taste buds up in a morning!


5.    Smoothie

After all that, we think you’ll need something to wash it down with. Blend a spoonful of jam with fresh or frozen fruit. I love our Maravilla Raspberry Preserve blended with frozen mango, banana and some coconut milk. 

Hopefully this has given you inspiration to try something different with your jam at breakfast. We’re working on lots of new jam ideas in 2019 to share with you, so do keep checking back for more.

Much jam love,

Kate x

Christmas Jam Recipes

With less than 2 weeks to go until Christmas, I don’t know about you, but here at Single Variety Co we’re thinking about food and recipes, including festive ideas of how to use our chilli jams and fruit preserves. 

Whether you’re planning your food for Christmas Day, hosting a party over the festive season, or relaxing on the sofa watching Christmas specials on TV, we have compiled our top 5 jam recipe ideas for this Christmas. They are all quick, really simple to do and most importantly taste delicious!

mulled wine

1.    Blackberry Mulled Wine

It’s not Christmas without a warming glass of mulled wine to wash down your mince pie. Add a couple of dollops of King George Blackberry Preserve to mulled wine, warm, mix well and sieve before serving.


2.    Chilli Jam Cheeseboard

Our range of chilli jams taste delicious with cheese and so will work perfectly on any cheeseboard this Christmas. 

Nicola loves Anaheim Chilli Jam with Blackwoods Cheese Company Graceburn, which is a Persian Fetta that is much creamier than a traditional Greek feta. Izzy’s favourite is our Lemon Drop Chilli Jam with Taleggio, whilst I would go for Jalapeño Jam with Manchego.

crisps and chilli jam dip

3.    Crisps and Chilli Jam Dips

Make your dips more interesting by adding a spicy twist. Stir Anaheim Chilli Jam through guacamole, Jalapeño Jam through salsa and Orange Habanero Chilli Jam or Lemon Drop Chilli Jam through soured cream dip. Our chilli jams are also tasty when mixed into houmous.

jam tart

4.    Jam Tarts

Making jam tarts is a quick and delicious way to use up any leftover shortcrust pastry you have, which is perfect if you find yourself with some after you’ve made your mince pies. Use your favourite jam; I love Maravilla Raspberry Preserve in mine.

And if you fancy turning your jam tart into a speedy, tasty dessert, then make larger tarts using a tartlet tin. Top with some fresh fruit and serve with thick cream or ice cream for some added indulgence.

glazed gammon

5.    Orange Habanero Chilli Jam Glazed Ham

Our chilli jams are so versatile, and one way we love to use them is as a glaze on meat, and our Limited Edition Orange Habanero Chilli Jam is no exception. 

Once you’ve cooked your ham in water, preheat your oven to 200C (fan). Place your ham into a roasting tray and spread your chilli jam evenly over the ham. Cook in the oven for 30-40 minutes until caramelised.

I hope these recipes add a sweet, jammy twist to your Christmas.

Much jam love,

Kate x