Spotlight On...Flair Strawberry Preserve

Every so often I like to hero one of our products in our core range and this week I’m focussing on our Flair Strawberry Preserve. Launched in summer 2018, it took a long time to get this delicious preserve into our range as it was proving incredibly difficult to get the perfect flavour for it. We’re delighted that this year it won one star at the Great Taste Awards 2019.


Delivering a really fresh fruity flavour is paramount in all of our products and after many rounds of testing in the kitchen we have a fantastic preserve. Like all of our preserves, it is very high in fruit and reduced sugar, it is made using 100% British strawberries and it contains all natural ingredients.

Flair Strawberries

So what do we eat our Flair Strawberry Preserve with in the Single Variety Co kitchen? Here are our top 5 ideas.

1. Serve with scones

For a classic cream tea, top Flair Strawberry Preserve onto your scones and clotted cream. The big question is do you put jam or cream on first? These delicious scones photographed are gluten free and were made by our friend @cakesbynoah


2. Make eton mess meringues

Make this super easy and tasty dessert. Mix Flair Strawberry Preserve with crushed meringues and whipped double cream.

3. Make a Jam Sandwich Biscuit

This is a really quick and delicious treat. Spread cream cheese onto a digestive biscuit, top with Flair Strawberry Preserve and finish the sandwich off with another digestive biscuit.


4. Add into a Chocolate eclair

Simply open your eclair and spoon in a generous helping of Flair Strawberry Preserve.

5. Spoon on top of granola and yoghurt

Adding Flair Strawberry Preserve to your granola and yoghurt gives a lovely fruity twist. Our favourite granola is from our friends at Husk & Honey.


I hope this gives you some ideas of how to use our Flair Strawberry Preserve, which is available to buy online here. For more ideas, follow us on Instagram.

Much jam love,

Kate x

NEW Black Bursa Fig Preserve

As we move into autumn, we have been busy in the kitchen working on a brand new limited edition flavour for this season, and are very proud to announce that we have launched Black Bursa Fig Preserve.


Packed full of the tastiest Turkish figs, our new Black Bursa Fig Preserve is beautifully sweet and full of juicy pieces of figs. Like the rest of the preserve range, it contains much more fruit and less sugar than a traditional jam, resulting in a highly fruity reduced sugar product.


Plus it is really versatile! Not only is it delicious on porridge or toast for breakfast this winter, it is also delicious eaten with cheese making it the perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard.

Our Black Bursa Fig Preserve is available to buy online here.

Much jam love,

Kate x

The Simple Pleasures of Jam

Happy New Year! Here at Single Variety Co, we’ve decided that this month is JAM-uary. To beat the blue as we start the new year and to celebrate the wonderfulness of jam, I thought I’d share with you a piece that I wrote for a feature in Speciality Fine Food Magazine, which I think sums up why we think jam is so great and deserves a month dedicated to it.

“The amazing thing about jam is that it preserves delicious fruit when it is in season, in abundance and at its tastiest, and then it can be enjoyed all year round. Once you have a fabulous tasting jam, it can be used in a variety of ways and not just on toast! From topping granola and yoghurt or porridge for your breakfast, through to being stirred through a delicious dessert to end your meal, the simple pleasures of jam can be experienced in so many ways.

strawberry jam

The trickiest art in jam making is preserving the fresh fruit flavour. You want the fresh fruitiness to burst through no matter what you choose to eat your jam with. To achieve this, having the right balance of fruit and sugar, the right cooking time and the best tasting fruit, are all really important factors in making jam. Looking to traditional jams as inspiration is a great starting point to create a seriously delicious jam.

A traditional jam would have a 50:50 ratio of fruit and sugar and we used this as a starting point in our recipe development for Single Variety Co. With a vision to get the freshest fruitiest product, we managed to pack even more fruit into our recipes.

Jam cooking

Cooking jam for the shortest time possible is best for flavour, but it is a real balancing act ensuring that you still achieve a good set on your jam. A classic recipe would always advise to regularly check the setting point once your jam is boiling.

Finally, having the best tasting fruit will ultimately give you the best jam. We’ve seen a trend for adding flavours to jams, but we’ve found that to get the most pleasure and versatility out of jam, keeping it simple and showcasing the fruit is the best way to go. That is why at Single Variety Co we work with our farmers to select the very best variety of fruit for each of our recipes.”


 If you fancy stocking up on delicious jams this JAMaury, our range is available to buy online.

Much jam love,

Kate x