Springvale Christmas Roadshows

Over the month of May, one of our distributors that we are stocked with - Springvale Foods - are running Christmas Roadshows for their customers to come along to and see what’s on offer this Christmas.

springvale roadshow flyer.jpg

We were fortunate enough to be one of the featured brands in the roadshow, alongside some other fantastic small businesses including Dean’s Shortbread, who have the most amazing new tin which makes the perfect gift, Noveltea, who make delicious alcoholic teas, and Heart of Suffolk Distillery, with their fantastic range of gins, to name a few.

springvale roadshow.jpg

This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our range of products to new customers and also meet up with current customers. We are also giving them a sneak peak of our new gift box, which we’ll be able to reveal to you all very soon!

Much jam love,

Kate x

Chilli Jam Lunch Ideas

We often get asked how to use our chilli jams and in all honesty they are so versatile that they can be used in so many ways. When it comes to quick and tasty lunch ideas, here are some of my favourite ideas of how to use our chilli jams.

Ploughman’s with Fireflame Chilli Jam


Serve Fireflame Chilli Jam with thick granary bread, slices of thick cut ham and wedges of cheddar cheese. I find this gives a lovely mild spicy twist to a classic lunch.

Jalapeño Cheese & Ham Toastie


Who doesn’t love a cheese toastie? I like to take some thick slices of sourdough bread and butter both sides. Then fill with grated cheese and slices of ham before spreading a generous layer of Jalapeño Jam onto one side. Make into a sandwich, then place in non-stick pan over a low-medium heat and fry both sides until the toastie is golden and crispy, and the cheese is melted to your liking.

Fireflame Chilli Quorn Wrap


This is a delicious vegan lunch using our new Fireflame Chilli Jam. Spread the Fireflame Chilli Jam over a wrap and then top with salad and slices of Quorn fillets before rolling. I like to serve some extra Fireflame Chilli Jam on the side for dipping my wrap in to.

Jalapeño and Tomato Soup


This is the perfect winter warmer, and also delicious on a fresh spring day. Swirl some Jalapeño Jam through a rustic tomato soup for a warming kick.

Lemon Drop Chilli Chicken Ciabatta


For a super hot, zingy lunch, this is the sandwich for you. Fill a ciabatta sandwich with chicken, salad leaves and as much Lemon Drop Chilli Jam as your mouth can handle.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for new lunch ideas. We have lots more chilli jam ideas here.

Much jam love,

Kate x

NEW Fireflame Chilli Jam

We’re always excited in the Single Variety Co kitchen to launch new flavours, and this week has been extra exciting as after months of searching, we have finally discovered and developed our new mild chilli jam which launches this week, which is Fireflame Chilli Jam.


As many of you may remember we have had a lot of heartache growing Anaheim chillies and have consequently suffered with being out of stock of our mild chilli jam more often than not. Not wanting to disappoint our mild chilli loving customers, we have been busy searching, trying and finally selecting the best mild chilli to replace the Anaheim Chilli Jam.

The fireflame chilli is vibrant red in colour and has a mild flavour, and gives a subtle, warming spice. It delivers the perfect replacement for the anaheim chilli.


If you’re wondering what to eat the Fireflame Chilli Jam with, then I think it is delicious with an omelette, salmon, cheese or served alongside a couscous dish.

cheese sandwich.jpg

The Fireflame Chilli Jam is available to buy now online.

Much jam love,

Kate x

Ultimate Jam Filled Valentines Menu

Planning on impressing someone this week with a home cooked meal? We have the perfect 3 course menu for you, obviously all featuring our Single Variety Co chilli jams and preserves. So get hot under the collar, and in the kitchen, with these simple but delicious meal ideas.

Starter: Pate on Toast with Jalapeño Jam

pate on toast

Add a zing to this classic starter. Serve wedges of pate, with lightly toasted thick slices of granary bread and a dollop of Jalapeño Jam on the side.

Main Course: Tuna Steak with Lemon Drop Chilli Jam

tuna steak

I don’t know about you, but having a fresh tuna steak for dinner is always a special treat in our house. Grill a tuna steak, then serve with a side salad and generous helping of Lemon Drop Chilli Jam. The citrus flavour in the lemon drop chilli jam works really well with fish, and the meatiness of tuna steak can handle the heat of our super hot chilli jam.

Dessert: Maravilla Raspberry Jam Tart


To finish on something sweet, try this super quick and easy, but impressive dessert. Fill a sweet pastry case with Maravilla Raspberry Preserve, top with some fresh fruit and drizzle over some melted white chocolate.

For more recipe ideas, head to our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Much jam love,

Kate x