We’re finally blogging!!

When Nicola first launched Single Variety Co, she made a promise to herself that she would write a blog for the website every week and share with you all her journey following all the ups and downs of running a small business. And…well…that never really happened!! Well actually that is a bit harsh. The blogs started well and she had great intentions to continue them, however these intentions were soon squashed by the overwhelming number of things she found herself needing to do single handedly to continually grow her business to be a success - from making jam and setting up a dedicated jam kitchen to getting our products to our lovely customers and everything in between. There is just an endless list of things to do when you run your own business.

Anyway we’ve learnt from this promise - to make sure we set ourselves achievable (but still stretching) targets, so the business grows but so we also stay motivated along the way! Secondly, to be open and honest with you all. We could have not shared this with you but it’s important for us to talk about the good and the bad, as we all know that life is perfectly imperfect, and we’re no exception to this. 

So two paragraphs in and you’re probably wondering either a. why is Nicola referring to herself in the third person or b. who is this person writing this blog? To clear this up, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Kate and have been friends with Nicola for around 10 years. I was very excited to join the Single Variety Co family this year after a career in the food industry followed by time out (it was definitely not time off!) to have my little boy. One of the things that I am going to be doing is writing our blog and frequently sharing with you all what’s going on at Single Variety Co. Blog writing is completely new to me, so bare with me as I learn, shape and grow this blog in the months ahead. I’m currently scouring the internet for blog inspiration and I have to say one of Nicola’s (and now mine after the recommendation) favourite blog is Lauren Aston Designs - she creates beautiful chunky knits, and whether you're a knitter / knitwear lover or not, her blogs will definitely brighten up your Wednesday when she posts them. 

The Single Variety Co team!

The Single Variety Co team!

Back to Single Variety Co, I thought it would be worthwhile sharing a quick update on what we are doing now the business is over 2 years old. Nicola is no longer having to do it all on her own, as she has Izzy (who I will introduce to you in a future blog) and myself supporting her with all things single variety jam. All the hard work is paying off and our products are now stocked in over 90 amazing independent retailers (click here to see!), and not only do we have a delicious range of single variety fruit preserves and chilli jams (here!), we also have unique seasonal flavours throughout the year so be sure to check back to see what’s new.

Alphonso Mango Preserve

If you don’t already know, our current seasonal flavour is Alphonso Mango Preserve and it won’t be around for much longer as it is selling out really fast! If you’re wondering what to eat it with, I find it goes perfectly with a thick authentic greek yoghurt, or at the minute I like to make a pudding which consists of meringue, a 50/50 mix of lightly whipped double cream and greek yoghurt, topped with fresh raspberries and generous drizzles of Alfonso Mango Preserve. It’s a real taste of summer, and with the British summer we’re having this year, it’s the perfect pud. 

That’s all from me this time, but do keep your eyes peeled for our next blog (which will actually be very soon!) with some really exciting news. 

Much jam love,