Pancake Recipe Ideas using Jam

With one of my favourite eating occasions of the year, Pancake Day, just around the corner, this is the perfect time to use up your favourite jam. Here are some ideas of what we’re going to be eating our pancakes with this year.

Rolled Pancakes with Yoghurt and Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve

rhubarb pancake.JPG

We are loving our seasonal Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve and it is delicious with thick yoghurt, rolled up in a pancake.

Folded Pancake topped with Ice Cream and Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve (or your favourite preserve)

folded pancake with ice cream

Sticking with our Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve, why not fold a pancake, top with a great quality vanilla ice cream and dollop a generous helping of Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve (or your favourite preserve) on top.

Pancake filled with Ben Starav Blackcurrant Preserve

pancake with blackcurrant preserve

Ben Starav Blackcurrant Preserve is one of my favourites, and filling a pancake with a good helping of this tangy preserve is such a simple but delicious treat.

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Much jam love,

Kate x