Market Update

I'm very pleased to announce that we will be selling at some new markets very soon, bringing our jam to more boroughs in London.

We'll be at Duckpond Market in Richmond this Saturday 13th August, and starting next Saturday 20th August we'll be at Putney Market every fortnight.  Don't worry, we'll still be at Herne Hill every other Sunday (next visit 14th) and Oval once a month (next visit 27th August).

Unfortunately we’ll no longer be trading at Kings Cross.  A combination of higher pitch fees and long trading days meant this market just wasn’t profitable and was preventing me from trading elsewhere.  

I’m so excited to bring my jams to more markets, and looking forward to meeting a lot more lovely customers!

You can find all our market dates here and I can also do delivery, just email for current flavour availability.


New Covent Garden Market

While I'm waiting to buy my fruit from our local UK farmers (hurry up sun and get those berries ready!) I've been buying from New Covent Garden Market.   This also enables me to get hold of the more exotic fruits that don't grow here- blog post on passionfruit coming up soon!  I thought I'd share with you my experience of the market.  

Fun Facts:

  • New Covent Garden Market is the UK's leading wholesale market for fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • It's actually in Vauxhall!
  • A whopping 40% of London's fruit and veg eaten outside of the home comes from the market
  • Over 350 varieties of fruit and veg are available- plenty to keep me jamming!
  • and my (least) favourite- the market is open to buyers between midnight (!) and 6am.

So I was pretty daunted for the first visit but luckily they have a fantastic website  which explains everything you could want to know.  Upon parking up you visit the buyers walk (make sure you check the map as we got totally lost on first visit).  The walk is a long wide corridor with traders either side- each one with huge displays of all the fruit and veg they have on offer that night.  

a trader on the buyers walk

a trader on the buyers walk

All the produce is bought by the tray/box- you make your order and pay at each individual traders counter.  Once you've paid for everything it will be collected together and put out on the loading bay for you to drive round and collect.  And in my case ask nicely to have everything fork lift trucked to the car.

the loading bay- collect your goods here.  And avoid the lorries!

the loading bay- collect your goods here.  And avoid the lorries!

And then drive home to bed!  It's as simple as that.   I'm really enjoying visiting the market, and it's interesting to see the difference in produce offered week to week, helping to understand what is in season each month.




Ritherdon Road Street Party

Yesterday was our very first market at Ritherdon Road street party in Balham.  It was an amazing day, which definitely made up for the post midnight finish the night before making up the last jam batches and the madness at 9am screaming at my printer to print (top tip- don't rely on wireless printer connections!) Thank you so much to everybody who came to the stall to taste, feedback and also buy the products!  

The top selling product was the jalapeño jelly- and this was the product I was up until midnight making the night before.  I somewhat naively thought jam making was going to be easy when I started this but it certainly isn't!  Being somewhat of a perfectionist doesn't help!  This is now well over the 10th version of jalapeño jelly I've tried, and from the feedback yesterday all the recipe trialling was worth it.  Unfortunately I sold out by 2pm due to the small amount of stock I had managed to produce- I do however I have plenty of very runny jalapeño not-jelly at home if anyone wants some- jalapeño cordial maybe?!

We'll be back next at the Kings Cross Real Food Market from 1st June so look forward to seeing many of you there- and there will be plenty more jalapeño jelly available this time!

Here are some photos from yesterday