Great Taste Award Winners 2019

I am delighted to share some really exciting news with you all - we have won at the Great Taste Awards for the third year in a row! Like last year we have won awards for every product that we entered. We proudly have three new awards to add to our family of award winning jams and preserves.

Our winners for 2019 are…Flair Strawberry Preserve, Ben Starav Blackcurrant Preserve and Seville Orange Marmalade.

Winning a Great Taste Award is great recognition of amazing tasting products and we feel it celebrates all the hard work that goes into every aspect of making this product for our customers.

The Great Taste Awards have a scoring system, where products can receive a different number of stars. On top of this the judges reviewing the entries provide feedback on each product. Below is the round-up for our winners.


Flair Strawberry Preserve

Great Taste One Star Award Winner 2019

Judges commented that the Flair Strawberry Preserve is “visually attractive with a lush red colour with substantial pieces of strawberry visible. The flavour of the strawberries is deliciously intense and is balanced well”


Ben Starav Blackcurrant Preserve

Great Taste Two Star Award Winner 2019

Judges commented that this preserve is ”deep, decadent and delicious”. They said that it has a “gorgeous vibrant colour. The texture has wonderful whole pieces of fruit that popped in the mouth” and “the flavour is superbly balanced”.


Seville Orange Marmalade

Great Taste Two Star Award Winner 2019

Judges commented that “overall the balance of flavours for a fine cut marmalade is spot on, tangy, sweet, sharp and bitter. Delicious”.

Congratulations to everyone who won a Great Taste Award this year! Our range of award winning products are available to buy on our website.

Much jam love,

Kate x