NEW Blood Orange Marmalade

This week we’re really pleased to announced that we have doubled our marmalade range as we launched our new Blood Orange Marmalade as a sidekick to our award winning Seville Orange Marmalade.


We felt our Seville Orange Marmalade was getting a bit lonely being the only marmalade in our range, so we have extended the range with the launch of Blood Orange Marmalade.

Unlike the Seville Orange Marmalade, which has a traditional bitter flavour, the Blood Orange Marmalade has a sweet, tangy flavour. So if you’re not a fan of the bitterness you usually get from marmalade, then this is the perfect marmalade to try.

blood oranges

We love it served on French toast or crepes for a weekend brunch treat, or glazed onto a roast chicken.

The Blood Orange Marmalade is now available to buy online now.

Much jam love,

Kate x