BBQ Chilli Jam Ideas

With the great British summer upon us, it’s time to dust off the BBQ’s and get al fresco eating. And what better way to accompany your BBQ than with some chilli jams? Our range of chilli jams are delicious with any BBQ and here are a few ideas to get you started.

halloumi kebabs.JPG

Halloumi Kebabs

Cut halloumi and red onion into chunks, and cut cherry tomatoes in half. Thread onto kebab skewers, and grill on the BBQ, turning occasionally until cooked. Serve with Jalapeño Jam to dip your kebabs in to.

corn on the cob.JPG

Corn on the Cob

Grill corn on the cobs on the BBQ until cooked, turning occasionally. Smother Lemon Drop Chilli Jam all over the cooked corn cobettes. Return to the BBQ for a few minutes to caramelise the jam onto the corn.

Sausage sandwich.JPG

Sausage Sandwich

Take barbecued sausages, and smother over Jalapeño Jam in bread for the ultimate BBQ sausage sandwich.



Once your burger is cooked on the BBQ, add some cheese and leave until melted. Serve in a soft glazed bun with a generous dollop of your favourite chilli jam.

Now it’s time to get the BBQ out and enjoy our chilli jams in the sun. All of our chilli jams are available to buy online here. If you’re struggling to decide which to go for, then try our chilli jam selection where you get to taste our full range of chilli jams.

Much jam love,

Kate x