NEW Fireflame Chilli Jam

We’re always excited in the Single Variety Co kitchen to launch new flavours, and this week has been extra exciting as after months of searching, we have finally discovered and developed our new mild chilli jam which launches this week, which is Fireflame Chilli Jam.


As many of you may remember we have had a lot of heartache growing Anaheim chillies and have consequently suffered with being out of stock of our mild chilli jam more often than not. Not wanting to disappoint our mild chilli loving customers, we have been busy searching, trying and finally selecting the best mild chilli to replace the Anaheim Chilli Jam.

The fireflame chilli is vibrant red in colour and has a mild flavour, and gives a subtle, warming spice. It delivers the perfect replacement for the anaheim chilli.


If you’re wondering what to eat the Fireflame Chilli Jam with, then I think it is delicious with an omelette, salmon, cheese or served alongside a couscous dish.

cheese sandwich.jpg

The Fireflame Chilli Jam is available to buy now online.

Much jam love,

Kate x