Chilli Jam Ideas

One question we continually get asked from customers is “what do you use chilli jam with?”.

lemon drop chilli

The amazing thing about chilli jam is it so versatile and can be used in so many ways. From pairing with cheese, using as a condiment, and topping a burger, to mixing it into your favourite dips, adding to a sandwich and using as an ingredient to make a salad dressing.

sausage rolls

Whilst a lot of people are watching what they eat in January, we’ve spent the first few weeks in the kitchen creating and photographing lots of chilli jam ideas to share with you all. Our new webpage has just gone live here, and we will periodically be updating it to continue to inspire you with all things jam.

chilli cheese sandwich

I hope you enjoy looking through them all and trying out something different with our chilli jams.

Much jam love,

Kate x