How to make a Winning Video in 36 hours

When you talk to people who own or work for a small business they will always tell you that no day is the same, you turn your hand to everything and you learn things you never knew you would or could!  Well, here at Single Variety Co we have recently added “video making” to our skill set. 

If we wind back to late June, Nicola suddenly announced to Izzy and I that the following day we would be making a video as we are entering the Small Biz 100 awards, but we only had 36 hours until the deadline. Our initial reaction was “wow this is really exciting”, then “can we get this done in time?”, followed by “how on earth do you actually make a video?!”. 

Small Business Saturday

So how do you make a video with no budget or having never made a video before? Firstly SmallBiz100 had an amazing help video which helped us out. The key things we took away were:

  1. Keeping the style of video simple and talking straight to the camera offers great engagement to the audience.

  2. Interviewing members of your team or customers allows what others feel about your brand to come across in the video.

  3. Including “cutaways”, which are shots of your product weaved into the video, really shows off what your small business is.

  4. Overlay your video with some music. There is a great free service on and make sure you don’t use anything that has a copyright!

  5. Editing isn’t as daunting as it sounds. There are many free tools out there to edit your video. You just need to be clear on your story.

  6. When you upload your video on Youtube really consider your title, description and tags.

  7. Finally, share your video on all your social media platforms so people can easily see it.

Taking all of this on board, Nicola made a plan. She started with creating the story for the video so we knew what we needed to film the following day. She wanted to get across what we do as a business and ensure the whole team was featured. On top of this she wanted to show all the other small businesses that we work with, from who we buy from to who we supply to.  After a few quick phone calls, some of our brilliant small businesses came to our rescue and made a short video to be included. A huge thank you to you all!  (Go check out A Pie Party and Nuvola Bakery, both DELICIOUS)

Single Variety Co Customers

The following day we set to the next task in hand - film our content. Fortunately the weather was beautiful and sunny, so we decided that it would be a great idea to film as much outside as possible! We divided up the roles and embarked on filming our very first video. Izzy, with an eye for detail and artistic talent, was on iPhone camera duty, I was auto-cue writer / holder upper as well as selecting the filming locations and making sure we sounded great on camera, and Nicola was the main presenter (as well as having to subtly hold up the Single Variety Co sign with her shoulder whilst being filmed). 

This sign is not actually attached to the wall, subtle shoulder support.

This sign is not actually attached to the wall, subtle shoulder support.

We had a few trial runs, which included the top of heads being cut off the camera, a thumb over the camera lens and auto-cue paper being blown away in the wind mid videoing, before we finally got the hang of what we were doing. I know these sound made up (I wish they were), but they all happened, and after a few takes and even more giggles along the way, we cracked it! Filming was complete, so Izzy and I got back in the kitchen to make some jam. Nicola, on the other hand, needed to learn how to make a video. This is where Google, Youtube and having iMovies really helped. There are tons of videos online which made the process a lot easier, and as the SmallBiz100 help video suggested, a lot less daunting.

imovie editing

With all this online support at her fingertips, Nicola’s evening was spent creating the final video, which involved all of the editing, adding in “cutaways” (which fortunately we already had some beautiful photos which we could use) and finding music to overlay.

With hours to spare our video was complete and uploaded onto Youtube for the judges to assess and for you all to see too...

Not only that, we won! 

We’re super proud that from creating our first ever video, Single Variety Co has been chosen from thousands of small businesses to be a SmallBiz100 for 2018. If you’re not sure what SmallBiz100 is and want to know more then have a look here for further info. 

Please keep your eyes peeled on 24th September 2018 as Single Variety Co will be showcased by Small Business Saturday via their media campaigns. On top of that, we will be running a special one day promotion on our website to celebrate with all our customers.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be kept in the loop.

Much jam love,

Kate x