30 Ways of How to Use Jam

One question we always always get asked is, what do you eat jam with? So apart from the obvious on toast, what else do we do with our jam? Well here is our top 30 ways of how to use jam.

1.Swirl through yoghurt

We love doing this in the kitchen at Single Variety Co. Pair any jam with a plain yoghurt - we particularly love authentic greek style yoghurt with ours.

 Alphonso Mango Preserve with Yoghurt & Fruit

Alphonso Mango Preserve with Yoghurt & Fruit

2. Make eton mess meringues

For a classic flavour, use strawberry jam mixed with crushed meringues and whipped double cream.

3. Add into a Chocolate eclair

Simply open your eclair and spoon in a generous helping of jam. Also works well in a choux bun.

4. Serve with scones

For a classic cream tea, choose your favourite jam to accompany scones and clotted cream. The big question is do you put jam or cream on first?

5.Dollop on porridge

Blackcurrant jam works particularly well here.

6.Spoon on top of granola and yoghurt

Keeping on the breakfast theme, adding jam to your granola and yoghurt gives a lovely fruity twist. Our favourite granola is from our friends at Husk & Honey.

 Granola & Jam

Granola & Jam

7. Roll in crepes

Once your crepes have cooked, simply spread over some jam before rolling. Adding ice cream or whipped cream here makes for a deliciously indulgent pancake.

8. Top american style pancakes

Perfect for a weekend brunch, top american pancakes with your favourite jam and thick yoghurt. This works really well with Belgian waffles too.

9. Serve with cheese and biscuits

Have you ever tried cheese and fruit jam? We love our King George Blackberry Preserve with cheese and biscuits. 

10.Smother over ice cream

Jam makes the perfect topping for vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, soften some ice cream and ripple the jam through it and freeze again before serving.

 King George Blackberry Preserve Ice Cream

King George Blackberry Preserve Ice Cream

11. Top a creamy dessert

This is a really simple way to add a fruity twist to your dessert e.g. panna cotta or rice pudding. Just add a dollop of your favourite jam.

12. Enhance a cheesecake

If you're entertaining, why not create a stunning cheesecake centrepiece dessert? Spread a generous layer of jam over a New York cheesecake. We find this works best with jam with loads of whole fruit in such as Ben Starav Blackcurrant Preserve or Flair Strawberry Preserve.

13. Bake old fashioned jam tarts

Use up leftover pastry, either homemade or shop bought, by turning them into jam tarts. Line your cupcake tin with pastry then add a teaspoon of jam before baking. 

14. Mix in cocktails

Jam adds a sweet, fruity twist to a cocktail. Add a good spoonful to your favourite cocktail. We love a Maravilla Raspberry Preserve G&T. Add a spoonful of jam to gin and tonic, stir well, then strain before serving over ice.

 Maravilla Raspberry Preserve Gin Cocktail

Maravilla Raspberry Preserve Gin Cocktail

15. Add to mulled wine

Stir a rich fruit jam, such as King George Blackberry, into your mulled wine this Christmas.

16. Salad dressings e.g. raspberry and balsamic, or mango, chilli and lime

The sweet fruitiness of jam balances so well with the sharp tang of a vinaigrette. Try raspberry jam with a balsamic vinaigrette, perfect with a duck salad. 

17. Freeze to make ice lollies

Mix jam with water for a fruity ice lolly. Or make a creamy frozen yoghurt ice lolly by mixing jam with plain yoghurt before freezing.

18. Sauce or glaze for meat

Warm jam and then brush over meat to glaze e.g. use Seville Orange Marmalade on a ham joint, or blackberry jam on game. For a summer recipe idea try our Mango Jerk Chicken.

19. Stir into BBQ marinades

Our favourite is Alfonso Mango Preserve stirred into a marinade and smothered over chicken before cooking.

20. Add to tiffin

Once you’ve made your tiffin, spread a good thick layer of jam, then top with a layer of chocolate before putting in the fridge to set.

Raspberry Jam Tiffin

21. Jam smoothies

Blend jam with fresh or frozen fruit for added sweet fruitiness.

22. Mix with buttercream and fill a cake

Rather than a layer of jam and buttercream, why not mix the two together before filling a sponge cake? Also use to decorate cakes and cupcakes. 

23. Milkshakes

Blend jam, vanilla ice cream and milk for an indulgent jammy milkshake. 

24. Stir into black tea to make it a fruit tea

Rather than buy fruit teas, add a spoon of jam to your black tea and strain before serving. 

25. Add to Flapjack

Mix jam into flapjack mix before baking. We used our Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve in this recipe, but it works with any jam. You can also stir jam through a sponge cake batter before baking.

26. Add to a curry

Stir mango jam into your favourite curry for a fruity hit.

27. Trifle

Use jam as the fruit base in your trifle dish.

28. Sandwich biscuits together

Jam is delicious with digestive biscuits. Why not add in a layer of buttercream to make really quick viennese style whirls?

Jam Sanwich Biscuits

29. Banana split

Caramelise sliced bananas, then top with ice cream and drizzle over some jam.

30. Straight out the jar with a spoon

This is our guilty pleasure! Sometimes you just need an instant jam fix and what better way to get it than neat out of the jar?!

Jam Preserve Spoon

I hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration of what you can do with jam! And if you’re desparately craving some jam right now, then all our flavours can be purchased in our shop here.

Much jam love,

Kate x

Lemon Drop Chilli Jam is on Fire!

Our super hot single variety Lemon Drop Chilli Jam has been getting a lot of love recently from winning two stars at the Great Taste Awards and the Fresh Discovery Award at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair. So I thought this blog should be dedicated to this awarding winning jam. 

If you have yet to try it, you maybe wondering what is all the fuss about Lemon Drop Chilli Jam?

Lemon Drop Chilli Jam is actually the newest member of our chilli jam range. We began with the Anaheim Chilli Jam and Jalapeño Jam and then we started to get requests from customers for a really hot jam, so we knew we needed a third flavour. We wanted this new chilli jam to not only be very hot, but also have lots of flavour and be unique. On top of that, we wanted it to be yellow to look different to the other two.

Lemon Drop Chillies

When we discovered the lemon drop chilli, we knew it was going the be the perfect addition to our chilli jam family. It is named lemon drop for its citrus flavour and bright yellow appearance. Originating in Peru, where it is known as qillu uchu, it has a unique lemon flavour, with an intense heat, which mellows to leave you with a warming sensation.

And when made into a jam we believe it is super versatile. Izzy in the Single Variety Co team tries out our jams in lots of different ways and particularly loves experimenting with the Lemon Drop Chilli Jam. Not only that, she is great with the iPhone camera and takes some amazing photos of her creations!

We get a lot of enquiries about what to use our chilli jams with, so I have asked Izzy to share her top Lemon Drop Chilli Jam ideas to get you started.

Firstly, if you’re looking for something simple, then Lemon Drop Chilli Jam can make a delicious condiment for your meal, for example quiche and salad. Alternatively it can be simply glazed onto meat before serving, or Izzy’s particular favourite is on grilled corn on the cob. 

If you’re looking for something a bit different and are feeling inspired to get baking now that GBBO is back on TV, then do try out Izzy’s Lemon Drop Chilli Cake on our website. It is a traditional lemon cake with a warming twist - you just decide how warming you want it to be!

And finally, if you want something to wash it all down with, then you must try out Izzy’s super simple lemon-chillo - a fiery twist on limoncello. You can make it as sweet, boozy or spicy as you like!

Lemon Drop Chilli Lemonchillo

What you need

300 ml vodka

75ml water

Juice of 4 lemons 

Zest of 2 lemons

50g icing sugar (or to taste) 

3 tsp Lemon Drop Chilli jam (or to taste) 

Funnel and empty bottle 

What to do

Pour the water and lemon juice into a medium size saucepan and grate in the lemon zest. Simmer gently and add in the icing sugar a little at a time. The consistency at this point should be syrupy. Mix in the jam a teaspoon at a time and remember to taste as you go! Next, take the saucepan off the heat and mix in all of the vodka. Sieve the mixture into a bowl first, to ensure all the bits are removed, and then funnel into your empty bottle. Place in the freezer 20 mins before enjoying!

For more jam inspiration check out our recipes on our website and also follow us on Instagram.

Much jam love,

Kate x

How to Exhibit at a Trade Show

It was exactly one year ago that Nicola embarked on exhibiting her chilli jams and fruit preserves at her very first trade show, Speciality and Fine Food Fair. Fast forward a year and we were there again at the same trade show, exhibiting for the second time, having showcased Single Variety Co at a number of shows along the way.

Single Variety Co Trade Show

However, this week was my first ever trade show. I was with Nicola at the show in Olympia last Monday and I really wanted to understand how on earth, as a small business, do you go about exhibiting at one of this huge events?

I quickly learned that the recipe to a successful trade show is:

  • visually design the stand

  • budget well

  • have a clear strategy

  • plan plan plan

First things first, get a vision for your stand. Spending time working out how you want your stand to look visually is so important. After all, your stand is that initial connection with potential customers, so being clear on how you want it to look, how it ties in with your brand and how it will best showcase your products is vital. Going to other trade shows to get inspiration is a great starting point for this. Nicola went to shows that featured non-food as well as food, such as Spirit of Christmas Fair to gain inspiration. She took lots of photos along the way which meant she had references when designing the stand.

When it comes to budgeting, not spending too much on the first one really helps in the long run. As tempting as it may be to get carried away, costs really add up quickly, so it’s best to stick to budget! Buying furniture from Ikea or eBay helped us to keep costs low.

 Our stand at our first Speciality Fair in 2017

Our stand at our first Speciality Fair in 2017

Nicola soon learned from her first trade show that she wanted to change it for the next one. She then spent time analysing what did and didn't work for her, and spent the next few trade shows tweaking and refining the stand. And we now have a stand design that works for us! 

When we got to this stage, Nicola invested into the stand and got someone to design and build it for us. This someone is the lovely Bruno from Standbuilder, who not only designs the Single Variety Co stand, him and his team assemble and disassemble the stand at each show we go to. It takes an incredibly long time to do this yourself, so being able to have someone take responsibility for this is a huge weight off your shoulders when preparing for (and recovering from!) a trade show. We soon learned that always booking the same shape stand at each show meant that we can reuse the same display which helps manage costs.

Building a strategy for a show helps to make the most out of your time there. Being clear on who you are targeting e.g. big vs. small retailers, whether or not you want to export, and knowing your prices and capabilities, means that you target the right customers for you.

And finally, plan plan plan! Being super organised and managing logistics down to a fine detail makes such a difference to how well the show goes. 

So our top tips of things to take to a trade show are:

  • Phone charging pack (most shows charge extra for electricity)

  • Notebook, pen and stapler (for business cards of new contacts and to write notes to follow up with them on) 

  • Water (it’s amazing how thirsty you get talking to lots of people)

  • Your lunch (it’s really difficult to leave your stand for long and often the food available to exhibitors is expensive)

  • A friendly face (make friends with your neighbours at the show)

  • Help (don’t do it all on your own! The stands are small so 2 people will be plenty).

  • Samples for tasting at the stand (plus things to sample with)

  • Business cards

Also, if you’re thinking of doing a trade show, visit the year before to make sure it’s the right customer for you. There are a lot of trade shows out there and you can’t go to them all!

We had a great time at this years Speciality and Fine Food Fair, meeting up with current customers as well as making new contacts and hopefully some new customers! On top of that, our Lemon Drop Chilli Jam won the Fresh Discovery Award at this years show! Thank you to everyone who voted for us. Not only are we super proud to add this to our awards collection, we’re busy deciding when we’re going to crack open the massive bottle of champagne to celebrate!!

Fresh Discovery Award Winnder

Much jam love, 


Anaheim Chilli Jam- growing pains

If someone asks me what my favourite Single Variety Co jam is, it’s like asking someone to choose between their children.  It’s easy for me - I only have one child, so he’s definitely my favourite. But when it comes to choosing my favourite out of our range of amazing jams? Well, I have had a really long think about it for the purposes of this blog and I’ve managed to get it down to my top 3, which I based on the following categories:

    1.    Favourite sweet chilli jam

    2.    Favourite fruit preserve

    3.    Favourite seasonal preserve

And today I’m going to talk to you about the trials and tribulations of my favourite chilli jam, Anaheim (my love for the Anaheim Chilli Jam is so strong, that I have temporarily turned green fingered this year and I am growing some in my garden!).

To give you a bit of background to this mild, sweet chilli, Anaheim chillies originate in Anaheim, Southern California after a farmer named Emilio Ortega brought the seeds from New Mexico to Anaheim in 1894. Anaheim chillies are consequently a milder variety of the New Mexico chilli pepper.

Anaheim Chillies

We discovered the Anaheim chilli when working with one of our UK farmers to identify a great tasting, mild, red chilli for our range of chilli jams. As soon as we tasted it, we wanted it, as the jam it made was so delicious. However, at the time we didn't appreciate how challenging it would be to grow it here in the UK.

Anaheim chillies prefer warm to hot and dry climates with long days and cool nights for optimal growing conditions. They are grown throughout Southern California and New Mexico in abundance and available all year round. 

 map of california - caption for Nicola’s benefit as she is so terrible at geography

map of california - caption for Nicola’s benefit as she is so terrible at geography

Unfortunately in the UK we do not have the ideal growing climate. Yes, we’ve had an amazing summer this year with long, glorious hours of sunshine, but when the chillies are sown, it is in the middle of our winter and the crop really struggles in the initial growing phase from seed - seedling - plant, as well as during the ripening phase as we see daylight hours reduce and temperatures drop. The UK season is therefore later in the year and also much shorter.  This means that we have struggled so far this year to source the volumes we need to produce our stock.

Anaheim Chilli

So what are we doing next? We are genuinely doing our best to get this beautifully mild, sweet and flavourful chilli jam back in the kitchen and available to you all. We have explored many avenues, including trials with new farmers to increase volumes, and importing the crop from America, but these haven’t been successful.

Looking to the year ahead, we’re going to be testing other mild, red, delicious chilli varieties that can allow us to have a product that is available all year round. We’d absolutely hate to lose the Anaheim, but we also do not want disappointed customers, so we feel we need an alternative.

We know that we have a lot of people out there - stockists and customers - who are big fans of the Anaheim Chilli Jam and eager to get their hands on it. We’d like to thank all of you for being so patient and understanding. We are starting to get some Anaheim’s  in the kitchen but the volumes are still low, so please continue to bear with us.  Click here to buy online once it is back in stock- we'll keep you updated on our social media feeds on instagram, twitter and facebook.

Much jam love,

Kate x